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The conference organisers gratefully acknowledge the generous support provided by the following sponsors:


We are a social enterprise that works economically whilst regularly investing a part of our profits into rehabilitation measures as well as donations. We are successfully producing high-quality textile together with inmates at the Plötzensee Prison, Berlin. The reintegration of inmates is the most sustained strategy to keep society safe from further crime. A successful rehabilitation is always a victim protection.

Fundraising Data Driven

GFS Fundraising Solutions GmbH is one of the largest and most experienced fundraising agencies in Germany. Our fundraising concepts are data-driven: detailed target group and data analyses enable target group-optimised communication. With 60 employees, our portfolio ranges from strategy development to campaign implementation and evaluation to donor management and thus provides you with a complete fundraising solution from a single source.

Advant Beiten

ADVANT Beiten is the German member firm of ADVANT, a distinctly European association of independent law firms focused on helping you navigate the complex and nuanced legal and commercial landscape of Europe. Founded in 1990, ADVANT Beiten is an independent law firm with around 260 lawyers and tax advisors at six offices across Germany as well as in Belgium, Russia and China. As one of the leading commercial law firms in Germany, ADVANT Beiten advises medium-sized companies, large corporations, banks, foundations, and public sector organisations on German and international commercial law.


Securitas has 345.000 employees worldwide and is represented in 46 countries. In Germany Securitas has 21.000 employees and in the area Berlin-Brandenburg 2.500 employees. Our core competencies are on-site guarding, mobile guarding, remote guarding, fire and safety and corporate risk management.


Immersonal are working with Victim Support agencies to create realistic VR simulations of court buildings.  Familiarisation of the court building is a key factor in reducing stress and anxiety in witnesses and victims, resulting in better quality evidence.  Immersonal reduces the cost of creating VR simulations by up to 90%.

Media Partners:

The Brussels Times

The Brussels Times magazine is a bi-monthly print magazine, distributed free in the European Commission, European Parliament, over 150 embassies and many representations to the EU, as well as inside more than 10,000 hotel rooms in Belgium, many of which are in Brussels. It is also sold at most bookstores and newsagents. The Brussels Times magazine focuses on stories about Brussels and Belgium, covering politics, art, history, food, sport, and other issues.
The Brussels Times’ was founded in 1965 as a broadsheet newspaper. In 2014, the media and brand was revived with a new design and strategy adapted for the digital age.