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Welcome to Victim Support Europe’s Annual Conference 2023! The Conference is one of the largest and most influential events for the global victim support community, bringing together key players working with victims of crime. Between 200 and 250 participants from victim support organisations as well as practitioners, researchers, experts, academics, government officials and criminal justice officials attend annually.  The event is a future-facing reflection on a comprehensive victim support system, one that unleashes the convergence of different sectors able to positively impact on victims’ lives.

Protecting Fundamental Freedoms, a Victim’s Perspective

This 2023 conference edition is an opportunity to discuss the role of victim support community, law enforcement, health professionals, academia, media and private sector in guaranteeing the promotion and respect of victims’ rights, democracy and safeguarding the rule of law.

Pictures from Victim Support Europe’s previous conference, The Age of Resilience, organised in May 2022 together with Victim Support Malta.