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Social events

Flying buffet at The Museum für Naturkunde
June 7th 2023 – Museum für Naturkunde, Invalidenstraße 43, 10115 Berlin

19:30 Entry
20:00 Official start – flying buffet
Cost: 40€

What did our world look like 150 million years ago?

In the central atrium of the “Museum für Naturkunde”, fossils of plants and animals from the late Jurassic period are on display. Many of the exhibits were brought here from one of the most significant palaeontological expeditions to Tendaguru Hill, in what is now Tanzania. Between 1909 and 1913, Museum scientists, led by palaeontologist Werner E. M. Janensch (1878-1969), found approximately 230 tonnes of bones – the most successful dinosaur excavation of all time. To this day, much of the Museum’s research has focused on these finds.

The dinosaur skeletons from Tendaguru are complemented by plants and animals from other fossil sites, such as the world-famous Solnhofen limestone. The original Berlin specimen of the primaeval bird Archaeopteryx lithographica is a particular highlight. It is displayed in a state-of-the-art security display cabinet that provides an ideal environment to preserve the fossil while allowing scientists to study it.

Gala Dinner at Wintergarten Variete
June 8th 2023 – Wintergarten Varieté Berlin, Potsdamer Str. 96, 10785 Berlin

19:00 Entry
20:00 Seated dinner
Cost: 50€

Let the show begin!
Dream Worlds under a starry sky

When entering the Wintergarten Berlin you are already drawn into a different universe by the magnificent setting of the variety theater. Dark velvet, precious wood and the unique starry ceiling create an atmosphere of the glamorous 1920s. Leave your cares outside the door and enjoy an evening full of chic and that certain something.

Variety show with dinner: enjoy with all your senses!